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Patient Responsibilities


The most important member of your health care team, is you!


Our practice is committed to providing comprehensive dental care because we want you to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile that will last you a lifetime. When our patients partner with us it is far easier to meet the high expectations of all of our patients. In order for us to accomplish this goal, we count on you to participate in your care and we kindly request that you commit to the following aspects:


Appointment Policy

We are proud to say that our patients enjoy a well-organized schedule. We reserve the doctor and hygienist's time on the schedule for each patient procedure and are diligent about being on time. Because of this courtesy, when a patient cancels an appointment, it impacts the overall quality of service we are able to provide. To maintain the utmost service and care, we do require a minimum of TWO BUSINESS DAYS to reschedule an appointment. We go out of our way to confirm our appointments and ask that you always keep us up to date with the best way to contact you whether it is home, work, cell or email. We will make an initial reminder call to you and if we do not reach you in person we usually leave a message. Please be courteous and call us back if we leave a message. We have great difficulty recovering the schedule you will come to expect if we do not have more lead time than this.


Payment Policy

We accept most insurance plans, and we endeavor to assist you in navigating your insurance coverage. If you have dental insurance we will process your dental treatment electronically to ensure your insurance company receives the claim the same day. This is the most efficient way to receive reimbursement from the insurance company. Please provide us with your up-to-date group and certificate numbers and frequency limitations so that your claim can be processed properly. We often receive an on-line judgment from the insurance company so we can give patients notification of reimbursement on the day of service provided.
The Patient is responsible for any service fees or balances that may not be covered by his/hers dental benefit plan.

We accept Debit Card, Visa and MasterCard.Visa  mastercard


Continuing Care Program

In order to provide the best possible oral health care, we place our patients on a recall system. It is our philosophy that continuing care result in an excellent oral health, so for that reason our patients are scheduled for a routine exam and cleaning on a regular basis. Our hygienists and Doctors determine the interval between these visits. Your recall frequency is usually tailored to your specific periodontal and hygiene needs.
It is our policy to advance book our patients for continuing care so you do not fall out of the system. Advance booking reserves a time for you that can be changed if needed. We do contact our patients two weeks prior to the advanced booked appointment by phone, email, or postcard. Please let us know what is most convenient for you. 


Comprehensive Treatment and Oral Hygiene

We partner with every patient and we do our best to help them obtain an excellent oral health. This is why our patients are guided through the whole process and helped to understand their particular condition.

As a patient, you are responsible for following the agreed upon treatment plan. We can obtain excellent results only when our patients do their part to maintain a good hygiene, respect and follow the appropriate instructions given in their case.



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